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TRIMNW – Moulded Parts & Nonwovens, lda – Booth G6530 (GACS)

Portuguese non-wovens manufacturer Trim NW will be showing off its range of Termoline products. Within this extensive line of industrial non-wovens, there is a choice of weights ranging from 17g/m2 to 75g/m2.

in Global Automotive Components & Suppliers Expo, 18-04-2019

They are based on Thermalbond technology and perform especially well as protective barriers and have excellent demolding properties. The non-wovens can also be produced in more visually appealing variants for headliners, parcel shelves and other interior components. These visible non-wovens can be produced with a textile finish, regardless of the substrate, which can be glass fiber, ABS or thermoplastic felt.




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