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Position Paper: European Commission proposal on post-2021 CO2 targets for cars and vans

In November 2017, the European Commission presented its Clean Mobility Package. The key legislative proposal in the Package is the one dealing with future CO2 standards for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (also known as vans).

in ACEA, 23-03-2018


Looking ahead, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) believes that further reductions of CO2 emissions from cars and vans beyond 2020 are possible – although at rapidly increasing cost and coming with certain socio-economic implications.

Europe will need to recognise that new CO2 targets go hand in hand with structural changes that will have a strong impact on the entire automotive value chain. Hence, it is essential to get the timing and ambition level of the post-2021 CO2 targets right.

To that end, this position paper makes nine key recommendations in reaction to the European Commission’s recent proposal.



Download ACEA Position Paper The European Commission’s proposal on post-2021 CO2 targets for cars and vans


Download one-page visual summary of ACEA position on post-2021 CO2 targets for cars and van



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