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Molded vehicle interior components Trim NW – Stand G6530

The targeted nature of the visitors at Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo is a key draw for exhibitors, with the event offering opportunities to have informed, high-level discussions.

in GACS, 22-05-2019

“It’s important because it’s one of the few exhibitions that exist for interior components and parts, and since we are quite new in the market, it makes sense for us to be here,” explained Ricardo Fernandes, sales manager for Trim NW (Booth G6530) – a company that specializes in non-wovens and molded parts, with the latter a particular focus at this year’s expo.

“One thing that’s important for us to explain is where we stand in terms of markets,” added Fernandes. “We are not working with the big OEMs, so we are not targeting the big series and the big volumes. We are focused and specialized on the medium and small volumes. Luxury cars, tractor cabins, working machine cabins, special vehicles – that sort of thing.”

Trim NW offers specialized parts for specific vehicles – something that Fernandes and his colleagues have been able to explain to visitors.

“Every part is for a specific car, a specific model, and the tooling has to be done for that. Regardless, we are quite competitive in terms of molding, because we do our own tooling, adapted to the small and medium volumes.

“So, for example, we had Daimler come visit us, and I mentioned [the parts we can offer] and it worked out, because they were talking about a project with a volume of 1,000 vehicles – so it’s great to work with these kinds of OEMs, as long as they don’t think we are going to supply the Polo, for example.”



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