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Mercedes will build first EQ electric car in Germany

Daimler unveiled the near-production EQ SUV at the Paris auto show.

in Automotive News Europe, by Maria Sheahan | Reuters, 27-10-2016

Mercedes-Benz will build the first model from its new EQ electric vehicle subbrand in the northern German city of Bremen by the end of the decade, parent Daimler said on Thursday in a statement.

Mercedes aims to launch more than 10 electric cars by 2025, in major push toward EVs thanks to advances in battery technology and greater consumer acceptance of zero-emissions vehicles.

The model to be built in Bremen will be based on the near-production EQ SUV concept presented at the Paris auto show last month, Daimler said.

The Bremen plant currently makes 10 different models including the C class, E class, GLC, SL and SLC models, according to the Automotive News Europe plant assembly map.

In addition, the fuel-cell operated GLC, likely to compete with Toyota’s Mirai, will be built at the factory, Daimler has said.

The EQ SUV’s new battery will be developed by Daimler unit Accumotive and produced in Kamenz in the eastern German state of Saxony.


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