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Impacto da crise dos semicondutores na produção automóvel (atualização 18/dezembro)

The latest numbers on the microchip shortage: Recession would ease crisis

Automakers expect to cut fewer than 3 million vehicles from their production schedules because of the microchip shortage in 2023, a significant improvement from this year.

in Automotive News, by John Irwin, 18-12-2022

Automakers expect industrywide microchip supply interruptions to force them to cut fewer than 3 million vehicles out of their 2023 production schedules, which would be a significant improvement from this year, according to the latest AutoForecast Solutions estimate.
The buoyed outlook can be chalked up to the slowly improving semiconductor supply as well as the possibility of a recession next year, which would diminish new-vehicle demand and reduce the number of vehicles automakers plan to build in the first place, said Sam Fiorani, AFS vice president of global vehicle forecasting.

AFS estimates that 4.55 million vehicles will have been lost from automaker factory schedules this year, following the 10.5 million units that were axed in 2021.

About 4.41 million vehicles have been lost because of chip shortages, AFS said. That includes automakers cutting about 63,200 vehicles from their schedules this week alone.

More than half of this week’s losses will occur in Europe. AFS reported additional cuts in China (14,700 vehicles), the rest of Asia (8,600), North America (4,700) and South America (300).

The breakdown

North America 1 651 300 1 681 400
Europe 1 478 300 1 524 800
Rest of Asia 817 000 857 500
South America 222 000 222 000
China 200 400 215 100
Middle East/Africa * 45 300 47 700
Total 4 414 300 4 548 500
*Unchanged from a week earlier

Source: AutoForecast Solutions Inc.


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