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Grupo Antolin received the Castilla y Leon Prize for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovatio

Grupo Antolin, one of the world’s largest supplier of automobile interiors, received the Castilla y Leon Prize for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation, a distinction granted every year by Castilla y Leon region.

in Grupo Antolín 20-04-2018


The award was collected by Ernesto Antolin, chaiman of Grupo Antolin, in a ceremony celebrated on 20th April in Valladolid (Spain). Juan Vicente Herrera, president of Castilla y Leon, presented the Prize to Ernesto Antolin.

The Castilla y León Prize for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation is a reward for more than 60 years of Grupo Antolin work and its strong commitment to the technical and industrial development of the automotive sector.

The Castilla y Leon Prizes are the most prestige awards granted by this Spanish region to recognize the work of people, institutions or companies that contribute to improve values, culture, economy or social welfare of Castilla y Leon.

Innovation has formed part of Grupo Antolin’s DNA since it began operating over sixty years ago in a small workshop in Spain. Thanks to this continued innovation which is designed to improve quality and increase the performance of its products, one out of every three vehicles produced worldwide contains Grupo Antolin products.



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