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Grupo Antolin joins MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program to boost its open innovation ecosystem

Grupo Antolin joins the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Antolin is now part of the 240 companies that make up the ecosystem around the Industrial Liaison Program, intending to create and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between MIT and corporations worldwide.

in Grupo Antolin, 25-10-2022

Created in 1948, this initiative allows Antolin to take advantage of ILP’s high-value information and resources to address current and future challenges related to the automobile industry’s transformation and sustainable mobility. “Grupo Antolin is delighted to join the ILP to explore innovative solutions. From monitoring breakthrough technologies to evaluating R&D opportunities, the ILP will boost our open innovation ecosystem that includes technology centers, start-ups, and strategic partners both inside and outside the automotive industry. The technology needed to meet new vehicle trends goes far beyond what the automotive industry can offer so, we are looking for innovative partners to help us in this exciting journey”, highlights Javier Villacampa, Grupo Antolin Innovation Director.

Through this membership, Antolin will be able to get in touch with researchers and monitor emerging technologies as well as meeting MIT’s scientists and faculty members, who are among the best in the world, to identify possible collaborative research opportunities.

Antolin will also drive its technological innovation through the access to MIT Startup Exchange, created by its students, alumni, and faculty members. As one of the most important innovation environments at an international level, MIT Startup Exchange actively promotes collaboration and membership between MIT connected startups and members of the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).

The membership also provides Antolin the ability to attract and recruit top talent from MIT as well as access to its reports, conferences, and research workshops. MIT students will be able to come into contact with one of the most innovative industries through one of the world’s largest car interior manufacturers. An industry that offers great professional opportunities in the context of new mobility.



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