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Grupo Antolin is launching the open innovation program ANTOLIN i.JUMP

It will launch technological challenges in collaboration with ennomotive to seek solutions to processes and products.

in Grupo Antolin, 29-04-2019

Grupo Antolin is launching ANTOLIN i.JUMP, an open innovation initiative allowing it to work with the crowdsourcing environment to reinforce and accelerate the R&D&I and technological development of the company.

Grupo Antolin wants to create an open ecosystem for the exchange of ideas and knowledge in which everyone can take part, including engineers, physicians and other STEM profiles, as well as startups, SMEs, technology centers and universities. The company will launch a program of challenges so that this innovation ecosystem can find solutions to specific challenges identified by the company. Professionals, students and companies can propose innovative ideas and projects which can be applied to Grupo Antolin’s processes and products.

Grupo Antolin wants to lead the way in the current transformation of the automobile industry, marked by the new forms of mobility, the development of electric and connected vehicles and the digitalization of processes.

The launch of the challenges will be carried out in partnership with ennomotive, the leading open innovation platform for resolving technological challenges, involving more than 15,000 engineers from across the world.

The first Grupo Antolin challenges will be launched next week and will seek technical solutions that allow for an improvement in life on board vehicles, related to new functions based on smart systems, interior lighting, electronics, thermal comfort and air quality, among others. Each challenge will offer one or more financial prizes as well as the opportunity to take part in future projects with Grupo Antolin.

ANTOLIN i.JUMP forms part of Grupo Antolin’s innovation strategy and is also part of its policy for attracting talent. The company needs the best professionals so that it can lead the current digital transformation of the automobile industry, in both products and processes. Through ANTOLIN i.JUMP, the company will be in contact with highly qualified professionals.

Committed to open innovation

As part of its commitment to open innovation, the company will take part in and support initiatives and events that strengthen the innovative spirit and technological development. Grupo Antolin wants to improve communication and collaboration with the different open innovation ecosystems.

One such initiative is Polo Positivo, a program to accelerate industrial projects launched by Grupo Antolin together with four other companies from Burgos. Polo Positivo is a private non-profit initiative created with the intention of becoming a benchmark nationally for entrepreneurs and SMEs that wish to carry out industrial entrepreneurship or business growth projects.



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