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CLEPA Press release | Environment Committee rejects improved pollutant emission standards

In a parallel move to the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament’s Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) has voted today, weakening the European Commission’s proposal to enhance air quality across Europe. The committee adopted a set of compromise amendments, which entail a longer implementation timeline for heavy-duty vehicles, marginally stricter limit values, and weakened testing conditions. Proposals for slightly more ambitious rules were dismissed in the vote by the committee.

in CLEPA, 12-10-2023

Benjamin Krieger, Secretary General of CLEPA, the association of European automotive suppliers, says:

“A weak Euro 7, with delayed implementation, will neither support cleaner air, nor stimulate innovation in the EU. Despite progress on e-mobility, the EU is projected to sell 100 million conventionally powered cars in the next decade. The technology for a more ambitious Euro 7 is there, and it’s economically viable. Europe should not lag behind China and the US, who have both set ambitious targets on pollutant emissions.”

The ENVI Committee is the leading group for Euro 7 in the Parliament and sets the tone for the institution’s overall position, which is slated for November’s plenary session.

“Looking ahead to the plenary vote, we call for further improvements, such as shortening the implementation dates and tightening limit values and testing conditions as this will pave the way for a cleaner and more competitive future mobility.”

Once the Parliament has reached its position, inter-institutional negotiations between the Commission, Parliament and Council will begin and decide the fate of Euro 7 pollutant emission standards in Europe.



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