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CLEPA | Fleet vehicles capture larger share of the EU aftermarket

  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and CLEPA have collaborated to identify Europe’s fleet aftermarket drivers towards 2030.
  • The fleet business is significantly growing, with Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Poland alone set to account for a fleet aftermarket size of €45 billion.
  • Market players aiming to thrive must prioritise EV-specific and cost-focused solutions, embrace enhanced connectivity and foster collaboration for maximum impact.

in CLEPA, 05-06-2023

CLEPA has teamed up with BCG to examine the role of fleets in the aftermarket by 2030. The findings of the new report identify the main fleet drivers in the European aftermarket, provide a forecast for the fleet market size within the total aftermarket and determine strategic recommendations for market players.

Results show that fleet vehicles are capturing a significant and rising share of the European aftermarket. Five countries alone (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Poland) will account for a fleet aftermarket size of €45 billion in 2030 (~37% of the total aftermarket).

At the same time, fleets are also expected to have a significantly higher electrification rate (48%) with an average vehicle age of ~2.9 years by 2030. Frank Schlehuber, co-author and Senior Consultant Market Affairs at CLEPA states that: “Fleet vehicles are becoming increasingly relevant for the European aftermarket but competence on electric vehicles, especially for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, will be key in gaining access to its service and maintenance business.”

The report offers a list of four strategic recommendations that aim to help aftermarket players prepare for developments, focusing on the importance of introducing EV-specific and cost-focused solutions, preparing for connectivity as well as ramping up collaboration with other aftermarket players.

Read the full report below

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