CLEPA Innovation Awards 2020: application deadline extended until July 10th, 2020

Taking into consideration the extraordinary circumstances we are living, CLEPA has decided to prolong the deadline for applications for the CLEPA Innovation Awards 2020 to allow more companies to submit their initiatives. The new deadline will be extended until the 10th July.

in CLEPA, 08-06-2020

The European Association of Automotive Suppliers, in cooperation with Deloitte, highlights for the 5th consecutive year, the outstanding achievements made in the automotive supply industry in the fields of Environment, Safety, Connectivity & Automation and Cooperation.

This year, given the impact of COVID-19 at a global scale, CLEPA will make a public special recognition to supplier initiatives that have contributed to the relief of the virus.

The contest is open to all companies–including SMEs and startups–, research centres, educational institutions, other organisations, and stakeholders participating in the development of mobility technology. And, to acknowledge the role of small and mid-sized companies in the industry’s achievements, the Innovation Awards also contain a special prize for SMEs in each category.

The CLEPA Innovation Awards 2020 ceremony will be held on the 25th of November in Brussels, where the winners will be announced.


CLEPA Innovation Awards 2020