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Automotive Industry, CLEPA

Outlook 2023: Investment support will be key for a successful mobility transition

The last few years have been challenging for the automotive sector, which has to manage the green and digital transition, despite the impact of the […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | With unprecedented challenges, EU support for the mobility transition is urgently needed

As this challenging year comes to a close, it is a good moment to take stock on where we are and what comes next. Only […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | Euro 7 proposal: A significant step towards higher ambition, but technical challenges a concern

CLEPA supports a sensible further development of pollutant emission standards. Automotive suppliers are committed to sustainable mobility, to improved air quality and public health. The […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA Statement: Data Act is important but has to be complemented soon by sector-specific legislation on access to in-vehicle data

A delay of a sector-specific legislation risks further reducing competitiveness and limits consumer choice in CLEPA, 08-11-2022 The horizontal Data Act is a relevant regulation […]