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Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | Euro 7 proposal: A significant step towards higher ambition, but technical challenges a concern

CLEPA supports a sensible further development of pollutant emission standards. Automotive suppliers are committed to sustainable mobility, to improved air quality and public health. The […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA Statement: Data Act is important but has to be complemented soon by sector-specific legislation on access to in-vehicle data

A delay of a sector-specific legislation risks further reducing competitiveness and limits consumer choice in CLEPA, 08-11-2022 The horizontal Data Act is a relevant regulation […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | The success of the Green Deal is directly linked to European competitiveness

The mild October temperatures provided some relief in Europe to cope with the energy crisis, but the predictions for the coming winter and next year […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | Trilogue on CO2 standards concluded: 100% target requires matching ambition for charging and refuelling infrastructure and a thorough review

The European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament reached an agreement in Trilogue on CO2 emission standards for cars and […]