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Automotive Industry, CLEPA

Comprehensive and carefully managed transformation key to sustain industry competitiveness

CLEPA, together with the European Forum for Manufacturing, held a dinner debate at the European Parliament yesterday, focusing on the policy measures required to ensure […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

EU Automotive leaders unite to say “no” to ‘no deal’ Brexit

Europe’s leading automotive representatives warn of catastrophic consequences of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Barrier-free trade crucial for continued success of the deeply integrated pan-European auto […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA Press Release- Future As We Move: European automotive suppliers launch sector’s vision on the future of mobility

CLEPA “Future As We Move” vision paper underlines the powerful strategies deployed to reduce road casualties and limit the environmental impact of people and goods […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

Parliament adopts ambitious new CO2 standards for trucks

The European Parliament formally adopted today the first-ever EU Regulation on CO2 emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles. Manufacturers will have to reduce average carbon emissions […]