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Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | Circular economy and sustainability are reshaping the automotive aftermarket

Remanufactured automotive spare parts contribute substantially to the EU’s circular economy targets and in 2020 have saved annual emissions equal to those emitted by 120,000 […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | COP26 has given important guidance in both substance and tone

This year’s COP26 has just ended, and on a fairly upbeat note. The conference concluded with an agreement between 197 countries to limit GHG emissions […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | Automotive Employment Footprint Portal provides key view on impact of green mobility transition

CLEPA launches the Automotive Employment Footprint Portal, revealing key data on risks and opportunities for automotive employment Findings of more than 15 recent studies show […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA 2021 General Assembly re-elects President and confirms the association’s priorities

Thorsten Muschal (Faurecia), incumbent CLEPA President, was unanimously re-elected for a second term CLEPA addresses members after a turbulent year for industry, highlighting the trajectory […]