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Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | Innovating, cooperating, and achieving a future with safer roads

This week marks the 6th annual Global Road Safety Week, a time for society to reflect and be educated on an often undervalued concept of […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

Automotive suppliers work towards carbon-neutral mobility, prioritising both human health and the environment

Safe manufacturing, use and proper disposal of vehicle parts are a high priority for automotive suppliers. The sustainability criteria are followed both for materials sourcing, […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

EU Industrial Strategy: In-depth review comes at the right time; building on existing technology strengths is essential

Commission sees automotive as one of the 14 critical ecosystems in the EU. Industrial policy should provide the right conditions to boost high-quality jobs and […]

Automotive Industry, CLEPA

CLEPA | Smart and safe mobility: The time to come together and advance innovative data-based technologies is now

The spotlight in Brussels is on digital topics this week, with a proposal for regulating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the EU and […]