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CLEPA calls for new approach to EU’s net-zero industry

CLEPA calls for holistic industrial approach for the manufacturing of green and smart technologies

  • The measures of the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) are a step forward but fall short of enabling a competitive net zero industry
  • CLEPA calls for a holistic industrial strategy supported by public funding to scale innovations that serve green & smart objectives

in CLEPA, 10-05-2023

The European Commission’s proposed Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) aims to scale up the manufacturing of net zero technologies in the EU, in support of the green energy transition. While the NZIA is a positive step forward, a successful green transition will require full use of all digital capabilities, including smart manufacturing and mobility, to safeguard Europe’s industrial competitiveness and prosperity.

In its new paper, CLEPA proposes the integration of the NZIA into a broader holistic industrial strategy, including encompassing state aid reform, reduced regulatory burden, and the provision of enabling conditions for the green and digital transition. The centrepiece of the industrial strategy should be a five-to-ten year funding instrument aligned with the objectives of the 14 industrial ecosystems and six critical value chains identified in 2021.

Read CLEPA’s Paper on Net Zero Industry Act and State Aid Reform


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