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Catraport obtained the Ecovadis Silver Medal 2021

Another great result obtained by one of our plants in the sustainability Ecovadis assesment.

in CATRAPORT, 24-09-2021

Catraport LDA, site in Portugal, obtained the Ecovadis Silver Medal 2021 with a result better than the 73% of all other companies registered in this platform.

The assessment framework is covering 21 Corporate Social Responsibility criteria (from CO2 emissions to “child labor” and “business ethics”) aligned with GRI G3, Global Compact, and ISO 26000. The EcoVadis methodology is supervised by an international scientific committee.

This is another small step in our way to sustainability improvement, and is only a part of our new corporate sustainability project.

Congratulations to CATRAPORT and to all its staff.


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