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BMW: EUR 28 million in investments for its Salzburg site

The BMW Group is investing more than EUR 28 million to expand its facility in Salzburg.

in Austrian Business Agency, 31-07-2019

An innovative office complex with an integrated education and training centre covering an area of more than 12,000m² will be built by the year 2020. According to BMW, the expansion is due to the strong structural growth achieved over past decades. Salzburg has served as the headquarters of the sales company of the BMW Group in Austria for more than 40 years. Today the site encompasses four companies of the brand which are present in twelve countries in South East and Eastern Europe. Last year close to 72,000 vehicles were sold in twelve markets from BMW’s base in Salzburg, generating revenue of about EUR 3 billion.

At present, people from 18 different nations are employed at the BMW site in Salzburg. The office location should fulfil the latest requirements and serve as both an education and training centre in order to promote the international working atmosphere and professional development. The new BMW Group concept of the “New Worlds of Work” will also be implemented at the site.



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