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Animated video – The EU auto industry: Keeping Europe on the move

Besides providing affordable mobility solutions for all Europeans, the automobile industry is the main driver of innovation, employment and economic growth in the EU. Watch this animated video to learn more about one of Europe’s most strategic and innovative sectors.

in ACEA, 29-10-2020

The automotive ecosystem provides work to 14.6 million Europeans, representing 6.7% of total employment in the EU. With 2.7 million people manufacturing vehicles at 226 factories across the EU, the industry accounts for 8.5% of all manufacturing jobs.

More than 18.5 million vehicles are ‘made in Europe’ yearly, representing 20% of global vehicle production. 5.6 million of these vehicles are exported around the world, generating a trade surplus of €74 billion for the EU.

At the same time, automobile manufacturers remain committed to addressing tomorrow’s challenges. Indeed, innovation is at the core of the sector’s DNA. The auto industry is by far the biggest spender on R&D in the EU, investing an impressive €60.9 billion per year.


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